segunda-feira, 20 de outubro de 2008

In legend

W. H. Auden

Enter with him

These legends, Love;

For him assume

Each diverse form
To legend native,

As legend queer;

That he may do

What these require,

Be, Love, like him

To legend true.

When he to ease

His heart's disease

Must cross in sorrow

Corrosive seas,

As dolphin go;
As cunning fox

Guide through the rocks,

Tell in his ear

The common phrase

Required to please

The guardians there;

And when across

The livid marsh

Big birds pursue,
Again be true,
Between his thighs
As pony rise,

And swift as wind
Bear him away
Till cries and they

Are left behind.

But when at last,

These dangers passed,

His grown desire

Of legend tire,
O then, Love, standing
At legend's ending,
Claim your reward;
Submit your nec
To the ungrateful stroke

Of his reluctant sword,

That, starting back,

His eyes may look

Amazed on you,

Find what he wanted

Is faithful too

But disenchanted,

Your human love.

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